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Come on, clench those abs! Keep that back straight! Remember your form! Thaaat’s it…

The average person spends three whole days per year, just s(h)itting on the toilet – and that’s the average! It’s time to put down your smartphone (seriously, it’s beyond unsanitary) and use that “wasted” time to get the body of your dreams.

The SHIIT Workout book is your one-stop guide to getting fit, while you sh*t. Packed with easy-to-learn exercises you’ll be performing (bowel) movements like Push-outs, Bottom Burpees and Jumping Jacksies in no time. It even includes a handy planner to log your workouts as well as a notes section to dump your own ideas.

  • Learn how to perform Jumping Jacksies, Push-outs, Bottom Burpees and more
  • Embrace the wonders of a faecal fitness regime
  • 96 pages of hilarious toilet-friendly exercises
  • Chisel the body of your dreams while sat on the toilet

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